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Companion Animal Imaging System

At Rothband we have a lot of experience with different imaging systems. We understand that different systems suit different environments.

The Exam Vue, Imaging system has been selected for its flexibility and price point. 

It is a simple and cost effective system that is packaged in such a way to offer a low cost system with zero downtime.

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Equine Digital Imaging Systems

Equine has its own uniques challenges and demands that the staff at Rothband understand.

Rothband employees have over 20 years experience in equine imaging and have been key in selecting a system that meets these challenges.

This system focuses on efficient workflows that work with the vet to create a series of radiographs in a simple efficient way.

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Portable X-Ray Generators

Full range of x-ray generators including AC   powered and battery.

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Fixed X-Ray Generators

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X-Ray Accessories

Radiation Protection
Positioning Pads


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